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Don’t worry about that dangerous tree in your front yard, we’ll remove it. Also if it is in you back yard, side yard, business or way back in the forest by your house.

What Is Tree Removal?

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Pesky Trees Sometimes Need To Be Cut Down

Whether your tree is diseased or dead, or just growing in the wrong place or knocked over by a storm, sometimes you just need to remove a tree. But that can be a difficult undertaking.

You need saws and chippers, trucks and rope, and cherry picker baskets on telescoping trucks. And potentially so much more.

Plus you’ll need time and a trip to the dump. such a headache! Save yourself some grief by hiring Nest Services Tree Removal to come and get rid of a tree, stump and any yard debris you need us to.


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Top Reasons for Tree Removal

We’re sure you love the trees in your yard. Who doesn’t love trees? They provide so much for us. After all, they add beauty to your yard, provide shade in the heat, and increase your property value. There are lots of benefits to having trees but also downsides.

You might have trees that are dying and unhealthy for surrounding trees. They might be in the way of achieving your ideal landscape. Whatever the reason, it might be time to remove unwanted trees from your yard.

In fact, there are lots of reasons to remove your tree stump or tree all together but aren’t sure. We can explain more to help make the right decision for your yard.

Let’s dive into the top reasons for unwanted tree removal:


One of the biggest reasons to remove unwanted trees is safety. You might notice some trees in your yard are no longer alive and vibrant, maybe they’re starting to sag or dull in color. If you’re noticing these signs, it might be time to remove these trees.

When trees die, they become weak and brittle. Depending on how tall, large, and bulky, it could create a hazard if the tree losesstability and topples over. into your house or hurt a person or pet. The chances of a tree falling once it’s dead is very common. It also makes it necessary to remove trees that show signs of decay before they cause damage.

Clear Dead or Dying Trees

It’s not just about clearing out your yard. Old or dying trees can actually ruin the rest of your plants and trees. Often trees get sick and will slowly die but they can still affect other parts of your yard. We talk about it later in this article, but dying tree stumps are notorious for attracting pests such as termites or other insects that can create more damage.

Remove a Tree and Increase Property Value

That’s right. Did you know dead or dying trees or tree stumps can lower your property value. When people buy a home, they aren’t just looking at the house itself but the yard. It can change the way someone views the property. If your lawn is not well kept and you have lots of trees that need to be removed, it could hinder the chances of you selling your house or could affect the selling price.

Importance of Removing Tree Stumps

Removing a tree stump is separate from simply removing the tree itself. You need professionals and professional equipment to manage the task. Tree stumps can be dangerous or a nuisance. They can also take away from your landscape since they’re noticeably distracting.

In fact, a tree stump in your yard could lead to a decrease in property value since it’s visually distracting and often dangerous for young kids.

Stumps can also host several pests that can inhabit your yard and possibly your house. Pests, such as carpenter ants, termites, and other wood desiring insects, are naturally attracted to wood, including tree stumps. Once infected, healthy trees and shrubs can be at risk of infestation and disease.

Additionally, fungi can thrive on a dead stump, which potentially poses serious health risks to both humans and animals. This is another reason to allow professionals to handle your tree stump removal. You don’t want to get you or someone you love sick.

Tree stumps take up real estate in your yard. Think about everything you’d like to do in your yard: barbecue, gardening, play games, maybe set up a pool? But having tree stumps can be blocking these activities from occurring.

Could you remove a tree stump yourself? Maybe. Can it be done safely? Not guaranteed. At the end of the day, there’s more of a cost of organizing tree stump removal and the cost plus time to make it happen. Additionally, stump grinders you can rent are often not as high-powered as professional ones and can add to the time of rental if you aren’t sure how to operate a stump grinder.

Usually tree stump removal consists of a tree stump grinder. These are high-powered machines that can dissolve a tree stump into saw dust. Eventually, the small part of the stump will become part of the soil.

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard and landscape, but can be detrimental when diseased or otherwise compromised. They don’t have to ruin your yard. It’s a small cost but the benefit of unwanted tree removal is worth it!

If you’re in the D.C area and are in need of unwanted tree removal, reach out and we’d love to set up a call with one of our specialists!

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