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Just a Testimonial About Nest Services and Tree Removal

They made me feel like I was a family member. I will definitely call them to inspect my other property. Best service!!

This was the best service I have had in a very long time. I am over seeing a couple of residences and Nest [Services] had the best response time and communication (James). The most professional representative/Technician (DeMarco) and a very courteous office staff person (Keyonna). The referral has been made to my DC neighbors that are having issues due to all of the construction. Thank you!

Patricia Porter Washington DC/Nest Services February 3, 2021

Nest Services has served thousands of people over the last decade and we look to serve thousands more in the next!

Years In Business

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Customers Served

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Raccoons Caught

Yes, we do more than cut down trees. We offer pest & wildlife control services, too..

When you have a tree fall or get rotted and need to be removed, it can be a challenge. Do you know how to properly fell the tree? You also probably don’t have the chainsaws or spiked shoes or dump truck to haul it all away.

Plus, The Tree Might Fall On You!

Nest Services Tree Removal Is The Solution!

Just 3 Easy Steps For Tree Removal


The fastest, easiest way to get your trees removed is to call us at (301) 973-3033. You can also send a text message or internet message. We’ll call you back and schedule a time.


On your call, we will discuss all the things we need to know like where you are located and when you want us to be there. After you schedule a time, we’ll come out to remove your tree.

That's It!

Maybe there were only two steps all along. We’ll provide the saws, people, truck and more. We’ll then remove the tree ans take all the cuttings away from your yard. It’s that easy.

Now, take a second, sit back and imagine how much less worry, concern or irritation you’ll have once that pesky tree is gone and removed from your yard. The sky is clearer, you don’t worry about it falling anymore, life gets back to normal. You wan’t that, right? Of course you do!

You Need Tree Removal Expertise

Every job is different. Every Tree is different, so you need to call someone who knows what they are doing and has the equipment to handle it all. We call it Expertrees!

What do you get when using Nest Tree Removal?

There are all sorts of reasons to call an expert to remove your trees for you. Here are a few:

  • We have all the tools. You don’t have to go find and rent tools for tree removal
  • We have the time and energy. You get to make the call and then relax. We’ll handle all the details.
  • You save your back. And any other part of you that might get injured or strained because it’s a tree you need removed.
  • A New View. Just when you got bored of your old view, we can make it all new again!
  • Service. We promise to make it all right again. We do our best to serve you with the utmost respect, care and consideration. You deserve it and so does your property. That’s our pledge to you!

You need more convincing. Here’s a tree removal service review.

Technically, these are reviews of all of Nest Services, so you might see some odd ones from time to time!

Excellent service and on time, great value as well, highly recommended.

Yohan Lee Baltimore/Tree Removal

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Got Questions About Washington DC or Maryland Tree Removal?

We have answers. Just pick up the phone or send a message and we’ll answer all your questions and make sure you know everything. Also, see our FAQs below for more.

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The New Season Is Coming So Hurry!

Pretty soon our calendar is going to be full, so call us now to take advantage of an open calendar to get your tree removed.

Nest Services is the best choice for tree removal in Washington DC and Maryland up to Baltimore.

We serve all of eastern Maryland and Washington DC. There are a lot of trees out here and sometimes you just need to get rid of one. Or 18. We are here for you, we are understanding and experienced and quick to respond. So what are you waiting for?


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Who Will I Speak To When I Call?

You will talk to the owner of Nest Services, LLC, James! He’s been in the business os serving folks for a long time and will take care of you.

Where Do You Remove Trees?
We serve all of eastern Maryland and Washington DC. So if you live in Baltimore, MD or Annapolis or Washington or anywhere in between, we have you covered. The office is located in Greenbelt, MD.
Are you an arborist?
No. An arborist is a true “tree whisperer.” They’ve gone to school for botany or forestry and know all there is about trees. If you need to ask someone when to prune, what fertilizer to use, etc, we are not the right service for you. We simply take trees down, chop them up, remove the stumps and take everything away.
What Tree Removal Services do you perform?
Look at our tree removal services page for more depth, but we fell trees, cut them into small pieces, grind the stumps, or remove them, and haul everything away.
Are you licensed, insured, etc?
We carry all required licenses as well as insurance and bonding so that we can provide you the best service possible.

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